Tuesday, November 22, 2022

NaBloPoMo 20, 21, 22

Sunday 20 Nov

On Sunday Lydia tantrumed about getting dressed for so long she missed Sunday School. We went to the Triangle for milk and some supplies instead.

Then a quick lunch and a very grumpy exit all round, but went swimming at the Quays as Lydia wanted to go swimming all together. The family swim is in the leisure pool bit with a beach and bubble pools and flumes etc. Went by bike which is always fun. All had a whale of a time splashing and floating about. 

Getting out took us longer than we thought, so ate in Nandos in West Quay as no time to go home and cook. Was really nice, both girls behaved pretty well. Dark cycle home, phoneme feel asleep on bike and kept flopping over, need to find better way of propping her up.

Tom kindly cleaned out and vacuumed my car whilst I packed to go away in the evening

Monday 21 Nov

Up with Phoebe, fed her, then got ready to go to Swindon for a directorate team day. Took Phoebe to nursery for opening time at 7.30pm, eating my toast in the car. Picked up a couple of colleagues at Winchester then drove all of us on to Swindon.

Arrived in good time, even including a coffee and loo stop. Sessions opened with some amazing Punjabi drummers and dancers which got everybody energised. Very good to see colleagues in person who I've not seen since 2019 and hear about 2023 plans. Also had audience session with Lord Tony Hall, one of our new trustees 

Had a bit of a goodbye thing for a colleague moving to a new team in the closing drinks before a Pizza Express meal with those of my immediate team staying over. Was so nice to spend time with them.

Back to Jury's Inn hotel to check in and then out to an art deco cocktail bar for a few drinks with other regional colleagues before bed.

Slept amazingly in king-size bed with no wake ups ...

Tuesday 22 Nov

Woke up at 7am and got myself ready, down for breakfast at 8 with team. Really nice hotel buffet breakfast. Think half the directorate were staying there, made for nice atmosphere.

Then back to HQ for day two. No drummers today, but I was chairing a panel Q&A so I was a bit nervous. It was the external speakers plus our head of Innovation Development, and one of the external speakers was video conferencing in. All worked ok, and lots of people said I did a good job which I'm happy with.

Also heard from our DG who is always so inspiring, especially as an example of female leadership.

Home about 3.30pm back to Winchester in about an hour to drop colleagues off, then lots of traffic home. Made it home for 6pm to do girl bedtime

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