Monday, November 28, 2022

NaBloPoMo 27

 Woke up nice and late. Went for breakfast then back to the room to chill for a bit. Couldn't quite face a swim after all the buffet.

Next up was a tour of three different garden centres. Went to Hilliers at Botley thinking we'd mooch a bout then get a light lunch, but it wasn't quite big enough to occupy all the time, so had a look round and did some Christmas shopping, then went on to the Garden Society on Allington Lane - heaving there and cafe too busy for us. Next tried Haskins, had a good look round and did some more shopping, then had a cake and drink in the cafe there.

I love looking at all the beautiful decorations. Sometimes I think I'd love to start again with a whole new colour scheme with ours, but that would be very wasteful. I saw some fun fairy lights that were teal, pink, purple and orange too.

After a quick look round Hobbycraft and laughing at having stunk the car out with our leftover cheese from last nights supper, we had to go home and face the music.

Returned to a napping Phoebe and three big kids in the garden, and two tired looking dads. Apparently the kids hadn't been too bad whilst we were away, which is a blessing. Think we'll manage to go away again.

Fed Phoebe when she woke up, which my poor rock solid boobs were very grateful for. She had some lunch whilst the bigger kids played and Jess and Andy packed up to go home. They left mid afternoon. Then telly time for Lydia whilst Phoebe fed on and off, and Tom napped. Tea and bath time, Phoebe managing to throw Lydia's pjs in the bath again when my back was turned. Sigh.

Phoebe not that interested in going to sleep, managed to get downstairs at 8:30pm for a snacky dinner of leftovers and an evening of stuffing nappies and TV. Hard time getting to sleep, always get lots of pictures of terrible things happening to the children when I try and go to sleep at the moment, so had to use meditation track. Very poor quality of sleep tonight.

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