Monday, November 14, 2022

NaBloPoMo 14: that there big London

I don't quite remember how this morning went. I got Phoebe dressed and left Lydia in her PJ's reading breakfast with Tom I think. Took Phoebe to nursery them on to Airport station to catch train to London for induction session for new team member covering a secondment.

I managed to get slightly earlier train which was nice. Knitted a bit on way there and ate my breakfast.

I love the busy hum of the big city and the people watching opportunities. I like seeing what people are wearing and deciding if I could rock that look.

Picked up coffee and a kolben bun as a snack from Olle & Steen in the Nova building. Meeting was productive, though feels like we're putting back the useful structures we lost during pandemic working.

Home via tube and Waterloo. Can you have a favourite tube station? Mine are two contrasting ones, the glorious sci fi concrete edifice of the Jubilee line escalator hall at Westminster and the cream and green early 20th C. dream of Maida Vale which makes me think of happy London adventures with Christopher Todd.

Had a little time to kill so explored the new pretty empty shopping development in the old international terminal at Waterloo called The Sidings. Felt a bit post apocalyptic at the moment with all the blank shops. Though the Brewdog pub might be a nice waiting for the train spot in future.

Worked part of the way home. Train everso slightly delayed. Then back to kids, milk for Phoebe and cuddles for Lydia before bed. Phoebe has started hitting Lydia back if she is it by Lydia so had to separate them. Playing robots whilst getting ready for bed seemed to help Lydia calm down, must remember that.

Got changed into gym kit when Phoebe finally asleep. Heated up leftover vegan meatballs and tomato sauce to have with spaghetti and tidied away clean crockery from the cleaners visit. Chatted to Tom about email from Phoebe's nursery outlining that they're putting their prices up 7% in Jan as they are struggling to retain staff so want to give them a wage increase. If this doesn't work, will have to start cutting sessions. Tom and I discussed writing to MP etc and possible childcare contingencies.

Then went to gym. In bed now . Looked in on Lydia before bed, with her wind chapped cheeks and poor sore eczema hands, looking like a cherub. I wish I liked being a parent a bit more at the moment.

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