Saturday, November 26, 2022

NaBloPoMo 25 and 26

Fri 25 Nov

Got up with Phoebe and got her and Lydia ready whilst Tom accidentally slept in. Took Lydia to school with little drama 

Home to work from home with a couple of calls and some more planning work then a cycle ride across town for my therapy session. Mainly talked about Phoebe's birth, think it was a good session.

Got back about 5.30 to grumpy everyone as Tom had had a difficult afternoon getting girls from school and to swimming due to Phoebe face planting as he was just leaving for school. I got them settled eating and helped Tom get stuff ready for our friends coming to stay.

Gave the girls a bath, Phoebe is just obsessed saying "ba, ba" with increasing urgency whilst we wait for it to fill and trying to put everything in, clothes, nappies, bath toys, books.

Lydia was sleeping in Phoebe's room so our friends' kids could have the bed and sofa bed in her room. Fed Phoebe whilst reading to Lydia, managed to get her to sleep before our friends arrived and gave Lydia a hug to try and settle her.

Then Jess and Andy and the kids arrived, and after a quick loo stop Jess and I went off for our spa weekend. Andy and Tom go away for a railway trip with our friend John every year, so this is so we get a child free weekend too.

We're at the Botley Park hotel, just about made our 8pm dinner slot.

Package came with a bottle of prosecco so had that after dinner and then a blissful night of uninterrupted sleep.

Sat 26 Nov

Woke up about 8, breakfast at 845am. Nice buffet breakfast, lots of people watching opps.

Surprised myself by choosing to go to the gym for an hour, then massage and facial. First time Jess and I have had a session where we've been in the same room at the same time together, was quite fun! Best massage I've had in a while too. Really loved it.

After a peaceful sit to recover in the relaxation room, got changed then popped out to get some supplies for the evening.

Afternoon tea at 2.00pm. Can tell I'm a grown up now as I'm very happy to ask for what I want now. Didn't fancy having the afternoon tea in the dining room on the hard chairs so asked if we could have it in the lounge instead. Which was fine! Don't ask, don't get. Spent very pleasant hour or so eating cake and crafting.

Thought we'd then check out the pool. Was closed for cleaning so went in the steam room and sauna first before a little swim.

We're now back in our room eating cheese and grapes and watching Strictly. I am very relaxed...

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