Tuesday, November 15, 2022

NaBloPoMo 15: werk werk werk

Tom's mum, who normally comes to look after the girls on a Tuesday, was ill today, so Tom had the day off to look after them. He took Lydia to school, and I played with Phoebe, then I spent the day upstairs working whilst Tom pottered about with Phoebe and went shopping. One quick trip out at lunch time to get a parcel. Mainly worked on my new seasonal planner.

Came down for tea at 4:45pm, played with girls then up stairs for a wild bath time. Tried joining my neice's birthday family group call but Lydia too bouncy. Phoebe very tired due to only one nap, so bath time and bedtime pretty swift for her.

Had a rest in bed for an hour after Phoebe went down for her nap, then tried hanging some curtains in the apex of our gable in the loft bedroom - command hooks and lightweight curtains worked well, but wasn't the look we were hoping for.

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