Saturday, November 19, 2022

NaBloPoMo 19: a day at home

I've realised I get very antsy if I spend all day at home and don't get out.

Tom out 2am to 7am on call, going out just as I was coming back to bed from trying to settle Phoebe.

Girls slept in till past 7am, Phoebe woke me up happily chattering on the monitor. Took my clothes down and fed her so I could get dressed downstairs and not disturb Tom too much. Lydia came in and climbed all over us until we were done and went down for breakfast.

Had breakfast, then watched TV and played until we were done getting dressed. V. annoyed that Lydia was so excited it was Autumn Socks Day that she'd snuck off upstairs to wake Tom up as I'd said we couldn't open our socks until he got up. So much for letting him have a lie in.

Tom got up about 10:00 am in the end. Everyone very happy with their autumn socks, and Phoebe even had an extra pair courtesy of her fairy Godfather Jon.

Lydia's little friend arrived for a play date about 1030am. Spent the rest of the day playing nicely on the whole bar a melt down at lunch time with unfortunate shoving incident on Lydia's part. Friend didn't like lunch so had two pieces of toast instead as I didn't want them to go home complaining of being hungry. Played with dolls, colouring, trains, lots of make believe including camping in the garden, lots of mummies and babies and pets and owners. Phoebe toddling around following them most of the day, had two naps in her cot today, a miracle. I get the same anxious feeling when Lydia has friends over as I used to get when I had friends over as a child.

Friend picked up at 3.30, got Lydia ready for ballet rehearsal, painfully slow but got there in the end, then have kittens get tea and played with Phoebe until she returned. Cold bits for tea for the girls tonight early, we had the same later once they were in bed. Had huge dance party on the kitchen whilst Lydia ate as Phoebe loves music and dancing. Danced around for ages, was really joyous.

Fairly quick and painless bedtime, then downstairs to eat and knit for a bit. Bedtime now.

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