Saturday, November 12, 2022

NaBloPoMo 12: birthday

 Another early wake up from Phoebe, managed to get back to bed and stay there for a while before Lydia came in. Tom went and got them started with breakfast and I came down after sleeping in for a bit to catch up on my missed early morning sleep. Tom had made eggy bread which was gratefully received and wolfed down by everyone bar Lydia.

Took girls up to get dressed in their party finery and then got myself dressed - managing to squeeze in a quick shower, something I often find hard to find time for. Helps if I don't want to wash my hair as that takes hours to sort out.

Then downstairs to sort things out ready to go out. Very confused as to why Tom was doing housework rather than packing to go out, and kids had been climbing all over me and shouting, which put me in a bad mood and meant I shouted at Lydia when she started moaning about being hungry when she'd left her breakfast. Set her up drawing birthday cards whilst I got things ready.

Went in separate cars as Tom on call, though he's not actually had to go out anywhere today. Then off to my neice Aoife's first birthday party at Plaitford Village Hall. Arrived only 10 mins late. Girls extremely pleased to see my mum. Always so touching given they don't get to see her often, I know she worries they might forget her. But they always give her a rapturous reception when we have a video call.

Party went very well, mix of family and Ellie and Andy's friends. So much delicious food. I spent most of it trailing around after Phoebe as she ran around in delight. Aoife very much enjoyed being walked round the room and the ball pit. Birthday cake excellently made by Ellie, a representation of Ryan the husky dressed as a strawberry, Aoife's favourite toy.

Got Lydia ready for ballet rehearsal and she went off to that with Tom, whilst I went back to Ellie and Andy's for a cuppa with some other family members. Then home for tea and bed time. Really nice sitting down together to eat party leftovers.

Bedtime a mixed bag, with Lydia randomly biting Tom out of the blue, but both girls asleep pretty quickly. Phoebe wouldn't settle whilst feeding so ended up sat on the floor holding her hand whilst she fell asleep on the cot.

Then Christmas shopping online this evening. 

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