Friday, November 25, 2022

NaBloPoMo 23 and 24

I'm so old and tired these days that I have to look at my calendar to remember what I've done.

23 Nov

Wednesday so tired after being away. For some reason Tom didn't get up to help with girls so I got them both ready but everything took ages, ended up taking Lydia to school by car as hadn't swapped bike seats back. Home to get Phoebe and her swimming things and set off by bike.

Swimming for Phoebe which she loved, especially jumping in from a sitting position towards me. She's a right little adrenaline junky. Poolside showers weren't working again. Everything's a bit run down at the leisure centre, especially the changing rooms fixtures and fittings 

Home again, Phoebe having inevitably fallen asleep on ride home. Transferred her to buggy and got with making lunch and tidying up, and checking the oil in my car. She had 2 hours sleep, then woke happily and ate her body weight in pasta and peas. Packed for ballet and went to get Lydia.

Arrived 5 mins late but didn't seem to be a problem. Got Lydia on bike and placated her with snacks, then over to ballet. Lot less rainy this week. Got her changed on the veranda without much drama then sat chatting to the only other mum who stayed for our hour. Phoebe mainly sat on the bike eating snacks then when she got grumpy got her out and gave her some milk.

Home without any dramatic stops this week, to picky bits and fish fingers tea for the girls. My friends Jo and Claire arrived about 615 for dinner and to say hello to the girls before bed time. Lydia went to sleep ok, but Phoebe wasn't having it. So I brought her down when our Lebanese take away arrived and she pottered around in her sleeping bag write happily, munching on flatbread like some Disney caterpillar.

Tried putting her back to bed after we'd eaten, so I could actually talk to my friends, ended up having to swap with Tom. Was nice to chat to Jo and Claire, they're such interesting people. They left about 1000pm just as Tom managed to settle Phoebe so we went to bed at this point.

24 Nov

Slept really badly, I blame the wine. Up with Phoebe around 6, Lydia came in to sit with us whilst Phoebe fed. Got it dressed, then took both girls down for breakfast. Tom then took Phoebe to nursery before he went to work. 

Tried wearing my new earplugs whilst getting Lydia ready for school, really helped me cope when she was being shouty.

Drove her to school today as was feeling tired and couldn't face argument when she asked about the car. Used it as an excuse to get fuel and check oil was ok.

Back for day of back to back work calls. Sat in the living room for a change as the messy study was too distracting. Need to book a day with Tom to tidy it as it always gets forgotten and I find I can't get the motivation to tidy a whole room like that unless I'm doing it with someone.

Tom came home to work mid afternoon, both cycled up to get girls. Got tea for girls whilst they watched TV, then they rang granny for a video call today they ate. Phoebe got very excited when she heard the dial tone and started shouting for "Gaga" as she calls my mum.

Bed time a bit tricky as both girls only wanted me and ask three of us kept bumping heads on things or getting scratched in the ensuing chaos. Both went to sleep pretty quickly, and Tom had made a start on our dinner whilst the kids were eating so we could eat promptly when we made it downstairs. Couldn't face housework so watched a couple of programs and went to bed

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