Tuesday, November 29, 2022

NaBloPoMo 28 & 29

Couple of days of calls and meetings work wise, nothing much to report. Struggled with motivation today, often do on cold winter afternoons.

On school run duty both days, Tom taking Phoebe to nursery on Monday, and Granny having Phoebe on Tuesday. Had horrible time getting Lydia ready for school on Monday ending with me shouting at her about putting her coat on.

Today she was fine, having had a couple of hours of Granny attention whilst they got ready in the morning. Annoyingly she was eating her third course of breakfast when I came down still in my PJs with Phoebe at 8am, with hair undone, teeth unbrushed and no shoes and coat on. We'd all slept in because Phoebe had slept in.

Had to pick Phoebe up early from nursery yesterday as she's developed a bit of a black eye/swollen eye after falling over on Friday and after submitting an econsult, the docs wanted pics. She was inconsolable as agreed just woken up from her nap and it took me 10mins to calm her enough to get in the car seat.

Played with kids after school yesterday and today, Lydia was recommended a TV programme called Dog Squad by my mum about real service dogs as kind of superheros. The girls love it, so we've been watching that for telly time. Had a dry run at making Silhouette windows for the local Christmas Trail. Looks like we might have Christmas dinosaurs. 

Gym last night once girls in bed. Putting washing away tonight once they were in bed. 

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