Wednesday, November 16, 2022

NaBloPoMo 16: better than surviving

One of the things on self care for busy parents a friend shared with me was to purposefully move more slowly. Physically rushing when you don't really need to can heighten your stress levels.

So tried that today when Lydia was getting cross about going to school - and guess what, we weren't late, and I mostly kept my cool. Phoebe had had me up and down a bit in the night, so had handed her over to Tom at 6.30am and he took the girls down for breakfast whilst I caught up on a little sleep.

Took both girls up to school as Phoebe had potentially her 2nd chicken pox vaccine and/or swimming. Arrived 2 mins before the bell, Phoebe very unhappy with being carried where we didn't have time for slow toddler walking and very happy to walk back to the bike after Lydia had skipped in to class.

Went over to travel clinic at nearby pharmacy for Phoebe's vaccine, but had voicemail saying it hadn't arrived yet and to call to reschedule. There's a worldwide shortage at the moment apparently. So off to swimming, Phoebe full of joy and waving at everyone whilst we were getting changed. Classes running 10 mins behind today so had time for a top up feed which kept her happy. She seemed to enjoy it today, other classes recently have seen her clinging to me, unsure and unhappy, so it was a nice change.

Then home on the bike, Phoebe falling asleep as usual, managed to transfer her to the buggy without waking which was a win. 2 hours whilst she napped, so I cleaned the mould off the conservatory windows, made fairy cakes for Lydia's snack for the week, and made lunch. Then ate with Phoebe and had the usual Wednesday video call with my mum whilst we put some washing away. 

The time between getting back from swimming and going out again for school feels so short! Togged up in rain gear and stacked bike with ballet supplies and just about got to Lydia in time as Phoebe was insistent on walking from bike to school gate again.

Over to ballet in the rain, battling my fear of tipping the bike. Have to get Lydia changed on a veranda outside the community hall where her class is, not so fun in wind and rain. Will try doing it under one of the ponchos if it's rainy again. Then a very soggy hour waiting for her, managed to get Phoebe to shelter with me watching the Twirly Woos on my phone rather than running around the dark residents gardens eating gravel.

Once class was done, home in the increasingly heavy rain. Bike clonked out just on Cobden Avenue, not sure why. Tom was amazingly passing in his car, and kind delivery driver from kebab shop helped me get bike on pavement. He also lent us an umbrella and brought us sweets and some chips for the girls whilst we waited for Tom. Tom took girls home in car and I walked bike home. Nothing obvious wrong with it, will ride with caution on Friday and see what's up.

All changed into PJs for tea of cold bits for girls, then up to bed. Had nice chat with Lydia whilst Phoebe went up with Tom and she finished eating. Fed Phoebe to sleep, then went to help Tom with dinner. Chatted about how we're going to find another £75 a week to cover Phoebe's extra nursery session come Jan. Then went to wrap Autumn Socks Day socks for godchildren before bed.

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