Friday, November 11, 2022

NaBloPoMo 11: cake

Got up early with Phoebe, in the horrid hours before 6am, fed her and managed to get her back to bed before crawling back to bed myself.

Then up again later and got her dressed. She's very fond of her wooly jumpers knitted by granny, to the point where she'll carry one around at nursery for comfort. Today she toddled off to get the flourescent orange number she's been wearing this week and brought it to me saying 'Dis, dis!' very insistently until I put it on her 

Lydia bounded in for cuddles and then it was the usual whirl of breakfast and dressing. Tom took Phoebe to nursery and Lydia managed to get dressed and washed quickly enough to enjoy some TV time whilst I got dressed myself, a minor miracle.

Whizzed up to school on the bike, Lydia choosing to sit facing backwards today. Think I'm the only regularly cycling parent, but given we live one house over the catchment area, most people walking makes sense. A lot of people drive though, I guess going on to work post drop off. For us, walking, cycling and driving take the same amount of time when laden with kids once you factor in the faff factor of locking and unlocking bikes and trying to find parking spaces.

Home for a quiet day at work, going through booking in team meetings and answering emails and looking at budgets. Tom back with Phoebe mid afternoon after having been to the shoe shop to get her measured and handed her over to our friend Dee for an hour or so he could go to a handwriting meeting at school and a stay and play session.

I then cycled across town to my therapy session and back again via the Company shop to see if they had any bargain pizza to take to my neice's birthday party tomorrow. I'm really enjoying cycling again. Turns out all I needed to enjoy cycling in Southampton was an electric bike to help with all the hills.

Home to girls who were playing nicely with daddy but decided to kick off the minute I saw them. Distracted Phoebe with milk and Lydia with a Friday Night Disco. Phoebe really tried to join in this evening which was adorable, turning circles round and round, clapping her hands and laughing. Lydia and had a full on Strictly moment after Phoebe went up to bed, practicing our lifts and cha-cha-cha.

Bedtime the usual level of manic, managed to leave the house after Phoebe went to sleep to cycle back in to town to meet Olivia at Heavenly Desserts for a nice evening of chatting and dessert tapas. Quick Lidl shop together for more pizza for tomorrow afterwards, couldn't find somewhere to do us a coffee where it was late, so walked Olivia back to her car, and a quick cycle home. Brought back lots of student memories of flying around Southampton by bike in the dark.

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