Sunday, November 13, 2022

NaBloPoMo 13: a nothing sort of day

Tom's signed up to do a 100k walk next year with his nephew Rich to give him something to focus his mind when it comes to exercise. So he was off today on a long walk to kick start his training for that. 

I was up early for Phoebe, then went back to bed. Tom up with the girls and made us breakfast before setting off.

Got girls dressed, hung washing and attempted tidying up with only a couple of shouting matches, them off to church as Lydia loves Sunday School. I suffer through the later service chasing around after Phoebe even though it brings me out in hives to facilitate this. Watched some Strictly with Lydia before church, Phoebe was dancing along, trying to copy, spinning around if they were spinning, that kind of thing. Not bad for a one year old.

Next was picking up a parcel and home for lunch. Lydia wanted to hold Phoebe's hand whilst she rode in the the buggy, and on the way home Phoebe was reaching for Lydia and shouting because she wanted to do it again, which was cute.

Home for lunch, again only minor dramas over eating, Lydia over excited about going to play at her friend Tamsin's house on her own for the first time. Tamsin is one of the babies from our NCT group and for some reason, her and Lydia have really clicked. 

Drove over there as if I'm honest I didn't have the mental energy to faff with the bike and wanted Phoebe to nap on the way which she did. Both big girls vibrating with joy at seeing each other, no backwards glance from Lydia as I left.

Drove into town to see if shoe shop open for Phoebe but wasn't, so drove back to Portswood to go to the big Sainsbury's as wanted to pick up gift for Tamsin's parents Laura and Ben who'd invited us back to dinner later on. Settled on orchid rather than dessert as Laura is expecting baby 2 in a few weeks and has gestational diabetes so bringing a pudding felt unkind. Also picked up some new knickers for me and some school uniform grey joggers for Lydia to wear on forest school day. I have this real bee in my bonnet about spending any money, I always agonise over whether to buy things that are not complete essentials like the joggers, where as Tom would always just buy them. 

Then drove off to Lee on Solent to get Tom. Phoebe had woken when I tried to get her back in the car to leave, having only just stirred when I put her in the buggy at the supermarket. Gave her some oat bar as she was making the kissy noise she does when she wants food, and then she spent the journey singing the 'Hello Children' song they sing at nursery and pointing out trees and dogs and saying wow at things she liked.

Tom tired but ok, popped home so he could change and I have Phoebe some milk, then off to Laura and Ben's. Girls had had a great time mainly playing holidays. Phoebe very excited to play with the big girls and chased them around before dinner. Went up to tidy up Tamsin's room with the girls and Ben, Lydia extremely reluctant to help, but we got there. Had amazing roast chicken dinner, Phoebe absolutely demolished her portion plus 3 more roast potatoes. Home pronto when we'd finished eating as it was past bedtime.

Motored through the bedtime routine, both girls dropped off pretty quickly then packed for work and school tomorrow and tidied up a bit before bed.

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