Sunday, November 05, 2017

NaBloPoMo 5


So tired today after all that moving of things. Off we went to church for the monthly reflective service where lectio divina replaces the sermon. Very peaceful, but I miss singing hymns as we tend to listen to music instead on this service. Lots of the congregation came up to congratulate us on the baby post service which was nice. I had a quick look in the flower vestry as I'm planning my remembrance Sunday flowers, but the stands I thought we had are gone, so I had to come up with an alternative.

After an early lunch at home we went into town, tried lifting a few prams in the relevant shops. With my weak back and arms, most of the travel systems were out. The Quinny range looked good. Then we rushed up the road to the Sea City museum where we were meeting Ben, Laura and Jon to visit the new temporary exhibition on board games.

It's a travelling one from the V&A, and it takes you through the history of board games. I'm not much one for board games thanks to my competitive dad never letting us win as kids, and these days finding Tom and his mates taking them too seriously. But I love a museum, it had a great mix of history and sociology and, the whole thing could be treated as a giant game, with spinners on the wall to tell you how many places to move, and sending you back to the start snakes and ladders style.

We also played on the old slot machines in the museum, went for a mooch in the park and stopped for a drink and a snack at Mettricks. Once we went our separate ways, Tom and I had a brief look in some shops for ideas of what to put on his Christmas list before coming home.

This evening had been very relaxing where I'd caught up with some outstanding work whilst watching Strictly, but then the washing machine stopped working. Tom's been out there taking a look for a while, and it looks like it's the socket rather than the washing machine, so that's sort of a blessing.

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