Friday, November 10, 2017

NaBloPoMo 10 Formal

After getting into the office early so an engineer could retrieve my hard drive, I rushed home to pack.

We'd kindly been invited by our friend Adam to formal dinner at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, where he is currently studying.

It was lovely to see where he's studying. LMH was a female only college until the 1970s, and was was the first college to admit women at Oxford. Whilst the mixture of men and women is about 50/50 now, it was delightful to walk through halls with paintings of eminent women, and see lots of female names over doors. Tom said he found it delightfully and worryingly subversive. Which I suppose shows how ingrained the norm of seeing men and male names in academia?

We had a tasty dinner of spring rolls and noodle salad, salmon with herby cream sauce, and then a trio of mini desserts. I was sat next to a woman who was studying the neuroscience of speech.

After a brief trip to ogle the library and the chapel, and baby's first trip to a college bar, we toddler off, and we're currently tucked up in bed at a hotel feeling all cosy. Thanks for a great evening Adam!

I hope my epitaph is as gorgeous as this:

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