Friday, November 03, 2017

NaBloPoMo 3 driving and dinner

I irritatingly spent today mainly on the M3 trying to get to and from my meeting. That went well though which is good.

I had a free sub from Subway for lunch as part of their World Sandwich Day promotion which was a nice treat. I know they're not the healthiest of things, but something about them just does it for me.

Then it was back to emails at home before going out to dinner at the home of one of Tom's deanery synod pastoral committee colleagues. We had an excellent time, and he'd generously provided all three courses. There was even a real fire. Another pastoral committee colleague and their partner were there, and everyone did really well in keeping to the 5 mins of talking shop rule.

Tom had surprised me with some non-alcoholic gin, which we took along. It was surprisingly tasty.

Home now, in bed with my knitting, chilling before sleepy time.

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