Sunday, November 26, 2017

NaBloPoMo 26

I got up earlier today to breakfast with Jess and the kiddies, then had second breakfast when the rest of the grown ups surfaced. Poor old Andy was suffering from an upset stomach, so I minded Lara whilst Jess was packing up. We had a lovely time singing and shaking rattles.

The AirBnB people had kindly said we could check out a bit later than the advertised time, so we were able to clean up at a more leisurely pace. We waved the Treharnes off first, finished our cleaning up and then the remaining four of us went off to do the Five Quays trail around Poole.

It was cold, crisp and bright again, so fast walking was in order to keep everything warm! The trail takes you around the five quays of Poole unsurprisingly, and takes in some other landmarks like the lifting bridge, the Two Sails bridge, the RNLI college, some of the old town, and amusingly, the shopping centre and the bus station.

I love a town trail like this, especially in a town you don't know. We did the Great Fire of London trail in the summer and discovered all kinds of things about London then!

A lunch stop was needed, and we had excellent roast dinners and pies at the Angel, which I thoroughly recommend. 

We finished up the trail about 4pm. We'd been in the pub for quite a while, so I think the advertised time of 1.5 hours would have been about right if you weren't stopping.

We said our goodbyes post trail, and on the way home, stopped for Christmas pudding ingredients. The very first thing I cooked in our new kitchen was my Great Auntie Peg's Christmas pudding, which made me happy. Tiles were looking good, still some snagging with the floor.

Whilst the pudding was cooking, we unpacked some more bits into the kitchen, unpacked from our trip, and I composed a ploughmans for supper. We ate it gloriously in front of the telly, before shopping for cutlery inserts online. What rock and roll lives we lead.

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