Thursday, November 02, 2017

NaBloPoMo 2: tours, pubs, haircuts and sewing.

Hello blog!

A fun day today. I started the day having a nice chat with Tom in bed before we got up. We've been so busy recently, and it was only a chat about life admin stuff, but it was nice to catch up and make sure we were on the same page.

This morning, I had the utter privilege of visiting Clandon Park again, and having a tour with the project manager and my team. Alongside the usual visitor route through the fire damaged building we got to go up the scaffolding and in the basement. Looking down through what would have been the roof through all the floors was quite something. It was so interesting to hear about their plans for the future.

After our tour, my team had lunch at the Onslow Arms in Clandon, as we had a lot of team birthdays to celebrate. One of my colleagues is approaching his 30th Birthday, so I'd put together a special hamper of Car Wine - which is a running joke between us and another couple of colleagues. He had a little tray, a half bottle of wine, some napkins, a corkscrew, some glass tumblers, oh and a small bunch of flowers, as everyone in our team gets flowers on their birthday. I love putting hampers together. Everything looks better wrapped in cellophane.

Lunch was super tasty, and the staff were very accommodating of our large group and birthday cakes!

Once I got home, I went through my emails, then started prepping dinner and rang our roofer about the repairs we need to our chimneys. They either need re pointing or rebuilding, and we'd like to get one lined for use with a multi-fuel stove in the fullness of time too.

Whilst dinner was cooking, I cut Tom's hair. Then he was called out whilst we were eating dinner as he's on standby tonight. So I bimbled around doing housework, including changing the sheets, and decided my pregnancy pillow needed another pillow case whilst one was in the wash. It came out a bit small, but it will do whilst the wash is on!

So now, I've had a shower, and I'm watching a little bit of telly before bed, with my feet up.

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