Saturday, November 04, 2017

NaBloPoMo 4: friends, fireworks, food

Hello! Well it's been a busy one today. We woke up a bit late, and I trundled off down the road to get some dairy free milk. We needed it to cook with today as some of the helpers coming to help empty our kitchen don't tolerate lactose. Tom and I cracked on with cooking before the helpers arrived about 10am.

Our kitchen project starts next week, and so the Nichols, Laura and Charley came to help us empty cupboards into boxes. They were absolute superstars, and everything was done by lunch time. Ned and Kendra helped by making up boxes and playing with Frieda, the littlest Nichols, and the grown ups packed and carried and sorted. Then we sat down to a tasty lunch of chicken and leek lasagne made to the mother-in-law's recipe.

After the Nichols had returned home to work on their own ongoing DIY project, we fortified ourselves with tea and chocolates and chatter before working up the energy to go for a stroll and an ice cream at the Songbird Cafe. Today's special was the gingerbread and clotted cream - delicious!

Charley left us around 5pm to see another friend, and we returned home for another rest and some online banking. Around 6:30 we drove into town for Ikea tea and to watch the Mayflower Park fireworks display from the Ikea car park because we are cheapskates and we didn't think about fireworks till today. Lots of people had the same idea, and so the Ikea cafe was rammed. Unfortunately, we'd picked the queue where only one staff member was serving hot food, and so everything moved very slowly. We gulped down our dinner, and made it outside just after the display had started. Notes for next year - come early, and park one level down from the top where you can still see, and might get a better view of the lower fireworks.

The display was very good, and I was particularly taken with the ones with lots of colours, and the smiley faces. We mooched on back to car and then went to the Humphries house for a drink and a biscuit whilst we said hello to Ben. Such a lovely chilled out day. I enjoyed all the spontaneous fun that came from many hands making light work of the kitchen packing. It's so nice to get half a day back that you weren't expecting to have.

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