Tuesday, November 14, 2017

NaBloPoMo 14: Temporary

Been to the chiropractor and the optician today, and then worked from the church office as home was noisy with the kitchen fitters and the roofers who are looking at our chimneys as well this week. At lunch time, I helped our new church lay reader get her church email set up, and had a very tasty bacon sandwich from the cafe.

Off to dinner at Jenny and Dave's tonight, hope Tom isn't called out where he's on standby, she's making his favourite pudding to spoil him. We are lucky to have such accommodating friends.

Not much else to report lifewise, so here's some thoughts based on a prompt.

Temporary: something you appreciate despite - or even because of - its short shelf life.

When I mull this one over, the first things that spring to mind could not be more disparate. I leapt first to Instagram Stories, the good digital marketer that I am. I enjoy their fleeting nature, the way they're not polished, and the way you feel you're getting an instant peek into someone's life for a moment. I'm not big at posting my own, but I do enjoy consuming others' work. I follow people who live all around the world, so it's fascinating to look at what is culturally different and the same.

The second thing that I appreciate in all their short lived glory are cut fresh flowers. I know they're resource heavy to grow, and that you're spending money on something that's going to die. But I love them. I love how they have to be real ones, and fake ones just don't cut the mustard. I love the smell of them, the way the change over time. I love the way they can look just as glorious as they die - especially tulips that keep growing, and blow and then petals that fall. Roll on doing up the garden so I can have my own cutting patch of flowers to enjoy - but that's next year's job.

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