Saturday, November 25, 2017

NaBloPoMo 24 + 25 Bradshaw Widows

Another fail but for lovely reasons. A day off yesterday. Spent some time saying goodbye to the mother in law, and talking to kitchen fitters, the tiler and the roofer.

Then we went off to Bournemouth for the boys' Bradshaw planning weekend. You can read their blog about their previous journeys here. They've been going away for a weekend over the past few years to travel a specific bit of railway, and stop at the stops and compare them to Bradshaw's descriptions. They have a planning weekend to get the routes and accommodation sorted.

Due to our kitchen work, we've rented a house on the edges of Bournemouth, and they are planning in evenings. When we arrived on Friday, we went shopping for groceries, bought lots of exciting things, and then toddled off to see Paddington 2 at the cinema. It was a very heartwarming film, and I enjoyed it immensely. Tom and I also had a good mooch on the beach and through the Winter Gardens, grabbing food from the Christmas market stalls on the way past.

 Jess, Andy and the kids arrived about 3:20pm, and we played in the park for a bit, before going to the holiday house.The holiday house is an exciting mix of 60s house, 70s decor and modern rennovations.

We bimbled around playing with the kids, snacking and getting comfy until John and Adele arrived about 7pm. Then it was time for fish and chips, watching Yes Minister and chatting before bed.

 Today we breakfasted well, and drove into town for 11ish. We had a walk on the beach and the pier, lunched extremely well at ASK, then went to try our luck in the arcades. Ethan wanted to dig in the sand for a bit, so we left the Treharnes for a bit and walked down the beach in the other direction. It's been very bright and clear today, making for lovely views of the Isle of Wight.

 We're back home now , and after some tea and bara brith made by Adele, the boys are planning again, and the kids are having their tea. I've got my knitting and my Christmas cards to do.

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