Sunday, November 19, 2017

NaBloPoMo 19

Happy autumn socks day everyone! Tom and I have ritually given each other socks. Toadstool covered ones for him and dayglo argyle compression socks for me in a bid to beat pregnancy swollen feet. I have so enjoyed the pictures of my godchildren coming in showing off their socks from the fairy sock parents.

Very restful day with the parents, including a trip to B&Q to look at kitchen paint colours and a cinema trip. We want a share of cream and I am always amazed at how many versions of nothing coloured paint there are.

Sadly Paddington 2 was sold out, but mum and dad were happy to rewatch Murder on the Orient Express again. I very much enjoyed the film, especially the setting and costumes. I now want to take a trip on the Orient Express, without the murder, as I love the glamour, the magical interiors of the compartments and so on.

A little bit of tea at the parents and we were off home for an early night.

Here's some pics from yesterday.

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