Wednesday, November 15, 2017

NaBloPoMo 15

Yesterday evening we had a lovely dinner at Jenny and Dave's house. Jenny had kindly made Tom's favourite pudding, and they were happy to wait till Tom could get away from being on call for us all to eat together. What lovely friends we have.

Today I was in the office all day, and then it was back home for a quick dinner before home group. We christened our new ovens! They'd been wired in today, and it was very exciting to press all the buttons.

I also think I felt my first proper kick from bump today. I was sitting back during the meeting and after a cold drink of water I felt an odd thudding sensation at the top of my stomach, then lower down to one side. My placenta is at the front, so I've not felt much movement. This was a really different feeling to anything I've felt before, almost like when a shoulder or a hip pops.

Here's some pics of how the kitchen is getting on:


robintw said...

Maybe I'm asking a dumb question...but why do you need a cherry picker for a ground-floor kitchen? Anyway, it looks like the kitchen is coming on well - the ovens look lovely!

(You'll probably find that you can often feel movements after cold drinks - that's actually one of the things they tell you to do if you phone the Obstetric Day Unit for reduced movements: they tell you to lie back and have a cold drink and see what happens)

Alex Tarling said...

Ah, the cherry picker photo is misplaced, that's what the roofers are using to fix the chimneys