Thursday, November 23, 2017

NaBloPoMo 23 sound

Very interested in this piece about emotional labour in Harper's Bazaar that Clemmie Telford shared on Instagram

I think Tom and I are slightly better at this than when we first got together due to having lots of conversations around household chores over the years about what we like and don't like to do. He does more cooking, DIY and gardening, I do more tidying, putting clothes away and house/life admin, like gift buying and sourcing quotes. We both occasionally do the washing or spot cleaning, and we jointly decided employing a cleaner was worth it for background everyday cleaning.

For example with the house projects, I've definitely done more towards the arranging of quotes, but once we've decided to employ someone, Tom tends to manage them on site.

I totally relate to the walking over the box in the middle of the room anecdote, and the only thing that can address that is to keep taking about it, and not to be afraid of being labelled a nag. If it matters to you, your partner should be able to find a compromise with you. It definitely comes to learning to talk and debate as a couple without resorting to childish 'well you never put the clothes away' type retorts. We're by no means perfect, but we actively try and practice talking well to each other.


After thinking about Mercy the other day, I enjoyed this poem when it flashed up on my Facebook feed.

Today was a go to a team meeting kind of day, and a spend four hours in traffic kind of day. I passed the time on the way home by putting on my Advent Spotify playlist, and singing my heart out.

This evening, the mother in law was visiting, and we went out for dinner at Kupp, the scandi restaurant in West Quay 3. Absolutely religious, slightly on the pricy side, want to go back for open sandwiches at lunch time.

Currently lying in bed listening to the very noisy BT work gang outside upgrading the link box. Don't think I'll be sleeping tonight.

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