Tuesday, November 22, 2011

NaBloPoMp 22: When the Night Comes

This evening we've had music pouring through the house rather than television. Eva Cassidy, Simon and Garfunkel, Manic Street Preachers, REM and now the Boomtown Rats. Tom and I have been painting the hall covering up white and scuff marks with light reflective cream. The magic ladder couldn't cope with our stairs so we taped brushes to poles to get into the high high corners. It's looking good. The new natural wood of the bannistair, the new brass door handles and the soft warm cream begging to be adorned with my photos and paintings.

Coming home earlier also means eating earlier, and more evening time, so we're getting loads done in the evenings, and eating better. Last night I wrote nearly all our Christmas cards, and wrapped the presents we've bought so far with Tom. Tonight I did lots of washing up as well as painting. We had posh Brinner or Breakfast for dinner tonight, and I made a rich beans in tomato sauce with chard, lemon and dill to go with the bacon, sausages and eggs. Last night was veggie night, and we had pumpkin with a cheese and garlic crust, kale and garlic mashed potatoes and white romanesco cauliflower. I love romanesco cauliflower. It's like eating the beauty of maths, fractals coming to life in plant form.

Sorry, nothing moving or grand to write tonight. Just wanted to get something down to keep it going. Go on, ask me a hard question for tomorrow.



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