Thursday, November 17, 2011

NaBloPoMo 17: Favourite food

Mr Hunt asks "What is your favourite meal?"

This is as hard as choosing my favourite recipe. So rather than thinking back to a particular meal, I'm going to craft my dream meal.

I would start with myself, Tom, some lovely friends, dressed up to the nines. A comfortable rural localtion.

We would start with a spread of olives, cold meats, smoked salmon, hummus, and lots and lots of champagne. There would be chatting and laughing and music.

Then we would move on to a selection of starters, a duck terrine, something with smoked salmon, and a beetroot and goat cheese salad. There would be more champagne. I love champagne.

For a main, we would have a large piece of a forerib of beef, roasted to a medium on the edges and a blue in the middle, with dauphinoise potatoes, sprouting broccoli, and because I can magically control seasons in this post, asparagus covered in buttery hollandaise.

To wrap up, a light dessert, perhaps a trio of fruitysorbets followed by a massive and varied cheese board and grapes and apple slices. And port, plenty of port.

I would finish my evening drinking champagne, bursting at the seams from all the cheese and dancing, talking and laughing into the night.


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