Tuesday, November 15, 2011

NaBloPoMo 15: Favourite places

Describe a favorite place. Focus on how that place affects your sense of taste, touch, sight, sound, or smell.

I have more than one favourite place of course. It's extremely hard to choose. So here's just one snapshot. Let me know if you know where I am.

I walk through the grand courtyard, tourist eating sandwhiches on the low stone walls either side. There's that touristy hum of voices, pigeons cooing and the slapping of feet on stone.

I always get a shiver looking up at the statues of classical ideals on the facade, climbing the grand steps up to the door. And slipping through the large pillars, ignoring the donation box, I stand in the grand hallway and let soft red and golds and mosaics caress my eyes.

Then it's gently on into the grand white space, the sunlight streaming down through architectural magic, noises like in the swimming pool or the shopping centre. Bustle, hustle, bustle. People shopping, people laughing, grand scupltures becoming meeting points.

But I'm not here long, I'm off through a side door, the smell of light dust and many people receeding into the cool and calm of a not as popular space. Still light, still airy, but smaller, the new room full of grand glass cases.

And there it is, not as grand as you'd think, but something I can just about read after a few years study, full of promise and excitement. An account that colloborates and contradicts the famous account, but makes me want to read more.

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