Monday, November 07, 2011

NaBloPoMo 7: Worky worky work

Today's entry is bought to you by the letter W for work. I dragged my sorry earache out of bed, drove the wrong way to work and got stuck in the traffic at North Baddesley.

I worked on proofreading, stats and much much else. It was pretty chilly in the office, so I was grateful for the heavy typing to keep my fingers warm.

The day pretty much flew by, and after a gentle warm dark drive home, I got stuck in to domesticity with Tom.

We made a goulash, popped it in the oven, filled the dishwasher and trundled off to the delights of Hedge End retail park to return too small curtain hooks, buy paint, paint stripper, bannistair brackets, new door handles, batteries and so on.

What exciting lives we lead...

Though we both decided lime green and gold Christmas decorations look excellent.

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