Wednesday, November 02, 2011

NaBloPoMo 1+2


Hello all, its that time of year again where I try to post once a day.

As you can see I'm already failing miserably. I will blame the nasty cold I picked up, I think kindly shared by a work colleague. I even had Tom worrying I had consumption for a moment. How very victorian.

Nov 1

Today I went to work at the site that is nominally my office. We had a big team meeting and I was pleased to be able to share some really positive figures showing some improvements I helped achieve since I started. The only problem with a big team meeting is everyone was in the office and so the bandwidth died a horrible death. This is not good if you're the web person.

I also had a battle with the technical support team that had me fuming. Having been technical support, I know a kind, apologetic manner can get you far. These guys were less than useless.

I stayed a bit later than normal to try and wrap stuff up, enjoyed my dark drive home, and spent the evening knitting and watching a feelgood film.

Nov 2

I was up early today as I had to go to Berkshire to run a training session. Traffic was alot better than I thought it would be so I arrive early and got through it at a reasonable pace.

I then had to drive to Richmond for a meeting. This was going well until I discovered a road closure with no aparent diversion on my usual route. Cue driving around for an hour trying to find an alternative route.

Fortunately a nice colleague made me a big cup of tea when I arrived and the meeting was very productive.

I'm working in Kent tomorrow so rather than driving home, I'm staying with the lovely John and his rents who live 30 mins from where I need to be tomorrow.

We had dinner in a pub with roaring fires and the largest persian cat i've ever seen.

I'm really enjoying the travel with this job as I get to visit so many interesting places.

I shall leave it here for now. Here are some pictures of swans.

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