Saturday, November 05, 2011

NaBloPoMo 5: Fireworks

Today we woke up to John in the spare room, him having arrived last night for a weekend of diy.

Last night we ended up at Tragos in Portswood with Ben, Laura, Marmers and john in honour of John's presence. I had a delicous New York steak sandwich and lovely Miss Piggy mocktails, a combination of apple, ginger, raspberry, cranberry and lime.

Today, I had a fine lie in, mooched round to the shop for milk and crumpets for breakfast and gardened.

On my walk to the shop, I saw a victorian villa named 'Tolstoi'. What was a lower middle class home owner in Southampton doing reading Tolstoy? Ah the stories I will never know. I also saw oversized chandeliers in victorian terraces and familes with small puppies calling over teenage boy dog walkers to socialise in a canine fashion.

In the afternoon, I pruned and pulled up weeds whilst Tom and John removed our old tv aerial and put up a new one. I also made a lovely lunch of a spanish omelette with potato, onion, leek, chorizio, mushroom, peppers and herbs.

We gaily went off to introduce Andy, Jess and John to the delights of Yo Sushi around 530 and then met up with Ben, Laura and Marmers on the balcony of West Quay to watch the fireworks display. If we'd gone to Mayflower Park to watch, it would have been £6 a head, but we had a great view from West Quay.

We tried to find pub to have a drink afterwards, but everyone else had had the same idea. We had a swift one in the Grapes in Oxford Street, but the lack of chairs lead to Andy and Jess inviting us to theirs.

So here I am, sat on their floor, having drunk wine and feasted on crisps, cheese and ryvita. Jess is trying to make Strictly Come Dancing work on the telly. All is good in Alex land.

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