Monday, November 14, 2011

NaBloPoMo 14: Goat

Well today I got up a bit late, but happily made up the time on the
way to work. Work was busy but in a good way. I was very productive
and got to learn a bit more about the world of radio advertising. This
isn't something I've been involved with before, so I found it really
interesting. After work, I scurried home to pick up the cardigan I had
knitted for Ruth, gave Tom a kiss, and then set out for Ruth and
James' for roast leg of goat.

Sadly, there was a large accident in Fareham, which meant I spent an
hour trying to get across to the other side to reach Ruth and James,
and poor Oli and Harvey didn't get to see me bar a quick hug when I
arrived. I did have a nice cuddle and chat with baby Arthur, and the
roast goat was lovely. Ruth seemed to like her cardigan very much
indeed, so that was good all round really.

I'm please to report that although Laura had a mishap with her new
knitting and unravelled it all, she's managed to teach herself how to
cast on, and has 36 rows. I'm very proud indeed.

I'm not so proud of my church at the moment. It's managed to project
at £16 deficit next year before the £80k of desperately needed roof
repairs. So I'm off now to research viable fund-raising ideas, and try
not to feel too miserable about. Bloody material culture.

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