Monday, November 28, 2011

NoBloPoMo 27+28 Out and about

Been gadding about again for meetings so am catching up now. So very nearly ready for our Christmas campaign.

Went to the advent carol service in the old church near my mum and dad's and brought the mother-in-law along with us. She and Tom's step-dad joined us for supper at my parent's afterwards. All seemed to go ok.

They'd shaken up the order of service slightly, for the better I think, but still with the hymns I've sung under candle light every year I can remember. When you're tiny the box pews were like a maze to prance along, trying to steal more mince pies during the refreshments after than your dad. He ate 8 in one evening there once. I only had one this year, and contented myself with catching up with all the grownups who've known me since I was knee high to a gnat.

It was also the warmest it's ever been at that service. I had to take my gloves off. Last year we trudged through snow and there was ice inside the windows. What a difference. We did have the second frost of the year today, my last rose in the garden shivering under a dusting of ice.

The lovely Amelia asked me "what is the best thing you have ever made?"

Again I can't answer in one. I loved the cake I made for Dad's birthday I made recently and the look on his face when he cut it open.

I loved the Clangers birthday cake I made for my mum with a blue buttercream craggy moonscape, and pink marzipan Clangers.

I like the oil pastel of my uncle and cousins, and the very large wax screenprint of dancers I made for my A level art course.

I like the dress I made with red silk bought all the way back from China, that doesn't fit any more but I can't bear to throw away because it's perfect, and the head piece I made to wear to my wedding, it's pearly wax petals having been in my grandmother's and mother's headpieces before mine.

I think I may love the gloves I knit for Tom the most, expressions of love made to wear out over time, even more so than socks because all of those tiny tubes for fingers and thumbs, ripped out and re knitted to fit over and over again, in the softest stripiest sock yarn.


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