Sunday, November 06, 2011

NaBloPoMo 6: Sundays

We had a gentle lie in this morning, and rushed to church with John, just making it in on time. I wore my rainbow skirt and my new dogstooth shoes and felt suitably brightly coloured. A couple of people complimented me on my flower arranging which was nice. It was all age service, and Graham, the curate, read Badgers Parting Gifts, a lovely bittersweet story to help children make sense of death. A few of us grown ups were shedding a couple of tears by the end.

We rushed back for a roast chicken lunch, followed by a pear frangipan tart John's mum had sent down for us.

After dinner, the lads measured the loft space above the kitchen and insulated it, whilst I unpicked and re-knitted the top and bottom of the hat I made Tom a few months ago. Last night, it's nipple-esque top and the fact it was far too short was irritating. So to borrow John's phrase, I anti knitted it, using scissors to cut out the cast on edge, and knit another inch or so to the end to make it longer, and knitted in a much flatter top. I'm pleased to report it looks much better now.

After waving goodbye to John mid afternoon, and having a catch up chat with one of the neighbours, I helped with the tv aerial project by nailing in cable ties to the wall to keep the cable tidy. I quite like playing with hammers. Tom was trying to fit his new fog lights, so I found myself playing torch holder and car look out as his fished around under the car in the middle of the road. As it got darker and colder, I amused myself by watching fireworks emanating from the gardens of nearby houses.

Tom had to give up in the end due to lack of light and work space, so we retired inside. I've been making a start on my final knitting project of the year,chatting to mum on the phone and watching River Cottage on 4oD, until Tom reminded me I've been saying I'd cut his hair for him for weeks and weeks.

For some reason cutting Tom's hair gives me the willies. I think because I have to live with the result, and his opinion is probably the only one that matters. Still I manned up aftera suitable amount of complaining and he's sat here looking suitably shorn.

If only I could get rid of this blasted cold that seems to have turned into ear ache. It's bloody painful.

I shall leave you with some more pictures. Church today, last nights fireworks, exciting romanesco cauliflower and some of the awesome places I have visited for work.



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