Thursday, November 03, 2011

NaBloPoMo3 - Home

There's something very satisfying about being at home after being away.

I had a quiet lovely and polite breakfast with John's rents as he'd already left for work on his bridge at some godawful hour of the morning. As civil engineers are want to do. I then drove to the White Cliffs of Dover for today's training session. The M20 and A20 were nice and quiet and I got drive in another tunnel and go up the very steep and windy hill past Dover castle to the cliffs.

When I arrived, I sat checking my email on my phone whilst watching the ferries coming in to the port in the wind and rain. It was dramatic and beautiful and the sea was green and grey and glassy.

As part of the session today I got to have a private tour of South Foreland Lighthouse. It was fascinating, I love old technology, and the views were also fab. It's 19 miles away from France, and on the most south easternly part of Britain. Definitely recommended if you're in the area.

I found today's work very satisfying, as it was a bit more of an advanced training session, so I got to talk about some more indepth things, rather than just the basics. And the team were friendly and enthusiastic which helps!

On the drive home, I got caught in torrential rain on the M25, but the traffic wasn't too horrible overall. I find the lights of cars in the rain very beautiful, especially coupled with the swish swish swish of the wipers. The industrial things often call to me, like the great grey buildings as you approach London Waterloo on the train. I broke the journey at Fleet again, and I think the AA salesman recognised me, which is weird.

And now I'm home, and Tom made salmon with caper sauce, swede mash, purple, white and orange carrots and romanesco cauliflower for dinner. It was delightful. I'm looking forward to my working from home day tomorrow so I can try and catch up with all my emails.

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