Monday, November 21, 2011

NaBloPoMo 21: An ideal rainy day

Describe an ideal rainy day

I've had a few ideal rainy days. Earlier this year, Tom and I kitted up in waterproof trousers and macs, and went blackberry picking in the absolutely pouring rain on Southampton Common.

It was great. The common was deserted bar a few anglers, we were soaked through, we only got a few blackberries, but boy did we have fun. There's something so subversive about going, oh well, let's get on with it. John, you would have been proud.

I really enjoy the noise of really heavy rain as it drums on surfaces. Whilst we were on holiday in Wales this year, we had some rainy evenings when we curled up in our armchairs either side of a real fire as the rain came down. The noise is very soothing.

I also like waking up on a rainy day, when you know you have no reason to go outside, and you can lie snuggled up in your duvet, just listening to the rain. It's the same when you get a light shower when camping, the beating noise on the tent.

Nothing will beat the rainy camping trip I had with friends in the New Forest. We didn't get dry for the whole weekend, but it didn't stop us, not one bit. We cooked under brollies, and drank cider in the tunnel of tents. I want to go camping again now!

Summer rain is fantastic too. When you're out for a picnic or something and it just tips it down and it's warm and smells of cut grass. I love standing in summer rain letting myself get drenched, knowing you can go inside and towel off later, but right this minute, you're supposed to be in the rain. As Tom says, skin's waterproof.



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