Sunday, November 07, 2010

NaBloPoMo 7 - Music

Today we hurried up to church to be there earlier to help set up. We
had some guests from Prodigal Son Ministries coming to speak about their work
providing mentoring to young men leaving a young offenders unit in
Bristol. Through their Friends On the Out mentoring scheme, they
provide the young men a chance to meet up once a week with someone who
can be a listening ear, and help them adjust to live outside, such as
helping with job applications. Without the scheme to chance of someone
re-offending in the 80% range, with it, it falls to around 50%. Still
not ideal, but it certainly seems to make a huge difference to those
who participate.

The service was the All Age Service, so we had a more informal
structure, and better than usual music. I do find good music helps me
connect with God, and I trotted over afterwards to sing Before The
Throne of God Above as Debbie played it on the piano.

(Worship band version - )

(Better Choir version, though sound is lesser quality - )

(Lovely Version -

Upsetting amount of penal substitution in this song, much like In
Christ Alone, but the tune is just so beautiful I love to sing it with
simple piano accompaniment. I think the whole band thing in worship
can sometimes detract from the fabulousness of some hymns.

We did a fun song at the start of the service as a call to worship
with parts, the men singing a deep booming "Ohmm" noise, and simple
words overlaid. Something like that is lovely as a gathering hymn,
getting the congregation engaged. A favourite of mine for this is:



What are your favourite gathering hymns, and why?

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