Wednesday, November 10, 2010

NaBloPoMo 10 - Exercise

It's been interesting the last few days to have something to fully dip
my brain into, to wring out and absorb ideas from this grey sponge. I
am enjoying my detour into unchartered waters and trying out new

I am also enjoying my new phone, a little X10 Mini Pro. I now feel
like a real webby person, being the only one in the office who didn't
have an HTC/iPhone. It's no way as big as one of those, but it has
apps, and syncs with Google Calendar, and hooks up with the wifi. I
can know fully manage Tom's diary as well as mine. So hopefully he
won't miss as many meetings either. I also have an iPlayer app, and so
when I have a quiet moment I can watch Strictly Come Dancing anywhere.
Very pleasing.

In our house, Tom does most of the cooking and cleaning as he works
less hours than I, and so my responsibilities are mainly to do our
finances, manage our diaries, and do the filing. It's a fair swap the
way our working arrangements are currently ordered, and I'm sure
should Tom get the more intensive job we will swap.

If you had walked in to our house last night, you would have found Tom
and I spending an evening trying to make letter shapes a la Sesame
Street, having noticed we were lying in a V shape. We manage to work
our way through the whole alphabet and it was so fun. I think
sometimes, when you're adults, you forget how to have fun, how to play
and be joyous. And leaping about in uncontrollable laughter last night
was just so joyous, so silly and so fun. For the first time in a long
time I felt alive. In fact on Saturday I was feeling fairly hopeless.
Life was pointless because it all becomes dust. But a small flash of
joy brought on the realisation that life doesn't need a point. You
just have to get on and live it, and experience it before it

If you had walked into our house half an hour ago, you would have
found Tom and I jumping around our living room following an exercise
video, having decided we are horribly unfit. And whilst we can't bend
or lift like the lady on the video, again the fits of giggles make it
worth it a hundred times over.

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