Tuesday, November 23, 2010

NaBloPoMo 23- Nothing to say

I've been trying to think of something meaningful, insightful and
interesting to write today.

And I can't.

Let's see what today's NaBloPoMo prompt is:

"What's on your wall: prints, posters, photos, paintings? What makes
you want to hang something up?"

In our living room, we have graduation photos, photos of us with our
family, one wedding photo, some cards, a painting of irish countryside
we received as a wedding present, and photos of friends.

In the hall, we have some art work by Toddy, a lovely photo of me
taken by Toddy, a painting of our church by my mum, and a photo od us.

In the dining room we have 2 large oil paintings and a screen print
from my A Level Art days and a very big mirror.

In the bedroom we have a large Klimt print.

In the library we have various bits of my art work and nice postcards
and photos.

If I get round to it , I will take photos.

I like art on walls. I like thinking upon that which is good and
lovely. I think art on walls turns a house into a home, lets you
express your own creativity through placement and colour. I enjoy that
a lot of the art and photos in our house has been created by me or
friends. Tom wanted to know why I wanted so many photos up, and I said
that walking past them everyday helped me remember those happy times,
and those happy people.

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