Friday, November 12, 2010

NaBloMoPo 11 and 12 - Oops

OK so the first fail of the month. We went out to eat last night at
the Country Inn, Midhurst:

with Rich and Clair, Tom's nephew and his wife. Yes, Rich is Tom's
nephew, yes, he's married, yes, he's older than Tom. It's a bit

It's always exceptionally nice spending time with Rich and Clair.
Because they're similar in age to us, and have recently got married
themselves, we are at similar stage of our lives. So we can spend all
evening talking about buying houses and telling stories about work,
and the strangeness of life not changing all that much after marriage,
but also being completely different.

They are really good friends, and I feel so comfortable with them,
that strange mix of family and friendship. I almost wish we lived
closer so we could see more of them. Rich was Tom's best man, and was
just soooooooo helpful when we were planning the wedding and
organising everything for us on the day, and Clair had so much useful
advice, adn I have to say writes such lovely encouraging things in her
cards she sends for special occasions.

Today I'm looking forward to spending some time with Toddy and John
and Tom in London, where we will be spending sometime over the
weekend. We're off to see

and there may be dancing in a 1960s club. This is exciting!

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