Thursday, November 25, 2010

NaBloPoMo 24 + 25

A few thoughts from over the last few days.

1. Two men getting dressed up in kilts and dinner jackets in the Aldi
car park at 6pm. Why?

2. If there is so much derelict housing in the UK why is it not being
refurbished into affordable housing for the homeless, and those on
housing waiting lists?

3. This prayer is lovely:

"Ever-present Father, help me to meet you in the Scriptures I read and
the prayers I say; in the
bread I break and the meals I share; in my investments at work and my
enjoyments at play; and in
the neighbors and family I welcome, love, and serve, for your sake and
that your love and peace
may reign now and forever. Amen."

4. I must finish buying presents so I can get on with being adventy
with not worrying about consumerism. Yay for online shopping.

5. Nicky is coming to stay and I am very excited about this. I love
having guests to stay and I can't wait to see her again.

6. Giving things of value away is liberating.

7. This is horrendous:

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