Sunday, November 14, 2010

NaBloPoMo 14 - London

I want to make loads and loads of these -

London was awesome, and a huge thank you to Toddy for allowing us to
come and stay. I loved the dancing at the 60s clubs and the play was
quite funny. It had some very well done physical theatre parts, where
they waved parts of their clothes and props to make look like it was
windy for example.

We went to Franny's Popup for dinner after the theatre, a pop up
restaurant only open until Jan, for pizza and pasta. It's very good
value for money aroun ??90 for the 6 of us including two courses and
wine. Here's a Thrillist review -

One the way home today, Tom and I went to the BM to see the Book of
the Dead exhibition, and it was so interesting. We often only think of
hieroglyphics being on walls, huge monumental things, but the
exhibition shows off the papyrus scrolls of the spells to help
Egyptians into the afterlife. The images are very detailed and
intricate, and all ink on papyrus, so also very fine.

We got in about 7:30pm, and Tom made a tasty stirfry for dinner. I'm
just trying to get the gumption together to do the washing up.

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