Tuesday, November 02, 2010

NaBloPoMo 1 - Simon and Loughborough

So this is overdue, but due to being in Loughborough with Simon (http://www.darksidechaplaincy.blogspot.com) last night and without Wifi, I was unable to post it.

Ahhh the first of a month. How exciting. I had a half day today, and Tom and I zoomed up the motorway to see Simon and family in their new home in Loughborough. The journey up was only marred by leaking pots of olives, and I enjoyed a Frescato at the Watford Gap Costa as a special treat.

When we arrived, Simon practically died with excitement, which was endearing. We had a tour of Loughborough Chaplaincy/ Faith Centre, which is amazing facilities wise. You could SO have an SCM gathering there. SCM take note, a chapel, a lecture theatre, room after meeting room, a library and so! Just not many students, but that will come!

We also went round the campus. It's just like Simon's landed himself a village ministry, just where all the parishioners happen to be under 25 and sporty. It looks like they're going to be quite happy there!

The day was made even better by Mel, Ian and Jen rocking up from Warwick, and for a very odd moment it was like going back in time. We had curry and chatted for a long time to Simon and family, and it was joyous!

Then it was home time. Which involved driving halfway back and staying in Towcester Travelodge. Basic, perfect at 1230am!

We got up at 6am today, and drove back to Southampton just in time for work. Epic epic epic. But worth it!

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