Tuesday, November 02, 2010

NaBloPoMo 2 - So this comms malarky

When we finally got into work today after being stuck in traffic for
30 mins on the Avenue, having made excellent time from Towcester, I
was ready to go to bed again.

But no, I soldiered on, and here I am home again.

Which is pleasing. I enjoyed my first walk home in the dark of the
year, all crisp air and twinkling lights. When the clocks go back,
something in my mind clicks, and it feels like party time. One should
be clicking around in lovely round toed high heels, and swishy coats,
scurrying from soiree to soiree. Must organise a few of those!

I have been working away on some projects this evening, and it's very
satisfying to watch code fall into place elegantly. Which also reminds
me, I must finish the Christmas presents I have been making.

Shortly, I will be going off to the Church comms meeting. The editor
of the parish magazine has stood down, and no one wants to take on the
job, and so we need to come up with an alternative. I wonder where it
will lead. I'm quite pleased as it's small church committee, and
therefore something will probably get done. As Tom says, success is
inversely proportional to the size of the committee.

Also pleasing is the large tubs of ice cream in our freezer, made with
the ice cream maker that my Godmother gave us as a wedding present.
Charley gave us a Ben and Jerry's ice cream recipe book for a present
too, and so for the cost of one tub from the shop, I have a huge
tupperware box of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. And no. You can't have

Right I better be off, I'll let you know how we got on tomorrow.

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