Saturday, November 01, 2008

NaBloPoMo 1: A day of days....

Well let's do this... a blog post a day! Shouldn't be hard. I have enough time for this, honest!

Today started fairly badly about 11am when I didn't get up in time to go to Thirzas for our weekly hairdressing date. I'd been to the ballet at the Mayflower the night before to see Sleeping Beauty, left my phone on silent and therefore couldn't hear the alarms I'd set to make sure I got there on time.

Once I got there I spent a happy few hours chatting away before going on to Tom's house to drop off my stuff before Space Cricket. It started raining again at this point. This will be important later. Toddy had made amazing Space Cricket glasses from tin foil and cling film.

Space Cricket will need some explaining. Tom's friends whilst at college started playing cricket in January with a ball of sellotape and a bottle of water for a bat. It now happens at irregular intervals when they are all in the same vicinity.

We went off to the park to play, the rain appearing to hold off, but the cold still bitter. After the first team's innings, the rain came down very heavily and it got colder and colder. The bat went flying when people were trying to hit the ball. i got out very quickly on purpose, fell over spectacularly in the mud and went off to Tescos with Jon to buy ingredients for soup for 10.

We only spent £5 on ingredients and bread rolls which was impressive and I made up vegetable soup. Friend onions, potato, parsnips, carrot and tomatos all whizzed up made a very nice thick soup and it seemed to go down very well. After everyone had dried out a bit, they went home and Tom made dinner whilst Martin and I worked on the Jabba the Hut costume for the party that evening!

The costume turned out very well. A superstructure of hula hoops, garden canes, tent poles and duct tape went underneath a cover made of two kingsized sheets, painted to look like Jabba. I wore my Princess Leia costume from last year and we made quite the stir.

The party was at Abi and Moina's house and was great fun, with apple bobbing and donut on a string eating games. The most fun game was the cake of flour with a 50p in it. We all had to cut slices out of it, and the slice that caused teh cake to collapse and the 50p to fall had to retreive it using their mouth. Marmaduke cut the fateful slice. We went back about midnight - 1am, watched bit of house, then retired to bed.

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