Wednesday, November 05, 2008

NaBloPoMo 5: Smoked

I'm lying all tucked up warm in bed, the smell of woodsmoke wafting around after me as I move. I've just been at the awesome SCM/JSoc/CathSoc bonfire party.Held at the Kitchener Road Community, there was a bonfire of epic proportions, at some points well over 12 ft high.

Tom had spent an awful lot of money on fireworks, and he, John and Nick had creatively arranged them to go off in combinations. Some of them were boneshakingly loud. There were sparklers too and marshmallows to toast over the fire.

I do love this most English Eccentric of festivals. We're celebrating a Catholic terrorist plot to overthrow the government being foiled. In this case, a group of Catholics, Protestants and Jews and assorted hangers on, are celebrating with fireworks, bonfire, party food and mulled apple juice whilst pirate DVDs are burnt in lieu of a Guy.

The highlight of my evening was the bath in the bath set in the garden, in water heated by Bertha, a stove made from an oil can. I lay steaming with the night sky above me counting other people's fireworks.

Now I must sleep. But I will be dreaming of smoke and cordite and sparkles reflected in people's eyes.

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