Friday, October 31, 2008

All the things she said...

.. or rather didn't.

I don't know where that came from!

Today I am celebrating because I landed a the first sale in the office of our new higher price product.


It's been a good month October...

I have:
  • written some more on my book
  • got a new shiny bike
  • won the Moss Prize for my dissertation being the best Jewish flavoured undergraduate essay in my year
  • met Will Self
  • started ballroom dancing again
  • finished knitting a baby blanket for Simon's new one
  • knitted a hat for my sister's xmas present
  • had plenty of ad hoc parties
  • gone to London with my Family to see Wicked. I can'tstop singing the songs!
  • painted boxes
  • gone dancing so many times in my head when no one's looking
  • decided to learn swing dance in January
It's been such a lovely crisp month, all twinkly winter lights and freezing people when I hug them.I't s been leg warmers over ankle boots and pretty dresses. Gleaming with rosy cheeks as Tom and I stroll around.

Roll on November!

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