Sunday, November 23, 2008

NaBloPoMo 22 and 23: Updating Knitting

Socks are done.

Bear Hat is done.

Baby hat done but lost somewhere. Going to knit a new one.

Thumb gusset on gloves is started.

Got some lovely pictures of the recipient of the blanket playing with it. 

I love knitting.

This weekend was fun. We went out dancing at the Frog and Frigate as Mel was down from Coventry for the weekend. I love the secret club nature of the Frog and Frigate. Students don't really know about it, it's off the beaten track and friends of my parents went when they were young. You dance on the tables, swill bear and sing along to classics with the words changed appropriately. You swing dance with your friends and make the guitarist laugh.

On the Saturday, I got up leisurely, and then had probs with the trains. They were running on time, but in a stupid fashion meaning there were no direct trains to Winchester. So Tom was lovely and gave me a lift there. So I did eventually make it to the City Museum for my afternoon of volunteering. I was in the old Tobacco Shop, a shop interior moved from the High St when the shop was sold. All the Victorian fixtures and fittings and alot of it's stock were moved lock stock and barrel into the museum. It's lovey to sit surrounded by the pretties and listen to people come in and reminice about which brands were smoked by their grandad or their dad. Smoking is such a no - no these days and for good reason, so you forget how much it was part of people's lives and identities.

Later on the Saturday after a quick catch up with my very good friend Tim and his girlfriend, we had a takeaway night here at the Palace. It was great to sit talking with our lovely friends and relax and catch up. I love the way Mel slipped into her old ways. It was like she never went away.

Today I have been entertaining again with my housemates. My godson and his family came for lunch. Ruth and James bought some very nice wine and some yummy puddings and much fun was had by all. I had a quick jaunt to the park with Ollie, Harvey's big brother when all the boring talking grown ups got too much. I particularly enjoyed playing trains on the roundabout!

I think my favourite bit of the weekend was preparing for lunch today. I was stood in my lovely kitchen, chopping away at reall good veg for a salad and listening to Desert Island Discs.

I felt like it was a party. I was chatting to Mel and cooking and being busy. I felt like how I remember my mum when she was getting ready for people coming round on Sunday lunch. I felt like this house was home. Really home. It was wonderful.

Right bed time now!

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~Ru~ said...

Did you get your baby hat back. I gave it to Tom to pass on to you.
Love Ru