Monday, November 03, 2008

NaBloPoMo 3: Work day

Quantum of Solace was interesting. I love going to the cinema late at night as it is less busy. I also like zooming through cities at night, sodium glare streaking through the sky. It was interesting passing the shell of the new IKEA in the West Quay retail park, seeing how empty it was in the inside. Anyway, back to the film.

Visually it was stunning. A wonder ochre based pallette permeated all the cinematography. I also loved the visceral use of noise and sound. When Bond got hit, you heard crunches of bone and splatters, making it all so much more real. These details were wonderful.

Unfortunately, the overall plot was a bit dull. The villian whilst deliciously postmodern in being a corrupt environmentalist, wasn't nasty enough for me to care. You got the feeling you were being set up for the next couple of films which is fine.

My favourite thing of the whole film was the scenes with dialogue between M and Bond. I hope there's more of that in the next few films.

Today has been marred by tiredness, mainly due to a very late night sobbing into my pillow. I'm having a horrible low spell. Tom was very nice, sat stroking my hair and saying I'm going to be fine. Which I'm sure I am, as I've done this before and I've come out the other side. However, being in the middle of it makes me feel almost physically sick. It's the paranoid anxiousness that does it.

But to borrow from the psychoanalysis world: What am I feeling? Anxiousness. Why am I feeling this? Because there is a chemical imbalance in my brain. Am I going to allow myself to feel this way? No, because it is unfounded and unproductive.

I'm sure my gym session and a night in with the girls will help immensely.

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