Tuesday, November 04, 2008

NaBloPoMo 4: Quite alot of nothing.

So where are we today?

Work has been at that odd level of busy where there's not enough interesting work to keep your mind occupied, but enough to keep you rushed off your feet. Yesterday that did not help with feeling quite so low. Cycling home was fun, all in the dark and being among a crowd of commuters.

When I got in, I had more of the bad day - ness, where in having enjoyed my gym session I was informed my lift for girls night wasn't coming. I went home to find a bus time table and couldn't, then in my tidying up didn't put something ontop of my wardrobe properly. This promptly fell off, hit the glass of water my my bed and knocked my bedside table. Fortunately, the glass did not smash, though everything was soaked.

So I gave up on girls night. I tidied my room a bit and painted a bit more on the wooden toy boxes I have been decorating for my cousins. This one is all boy things, diggers trucks and cars. I have a tiny bit left to do, and then I have to paint one like a pirate chest. The one I have already completed is a fantastic mix of dinosaurs and disney princesses. Poor Andy having to bear the brunt of my grumpiness!

The upshot of it is that in my tidying up I found my passport which I had mislaid and a bar of chocolate I bought in France and had forgotten all about. That cheered me up no end. Tom also came round later and it was nice to chat to him all evening. He was trying on the 1040s army uniform we've borrowed from my gran and uncle for him to wear to the 1940s dance at high field church this weekend. I'm going to wear my birthday dress.

The gym was odd. I enjoyed it, but I was very self concious about being huge compared to all these other bodies. I'm looking forward to going tonight which will be 20 mins of weights then 20 mins of cardio and then possibly a swim.

I also have ballroom dancing tonight which I'm really really looking forward to. Last week we did the quickstep and the samba. The advanced teacher noticed my tidy feet and sussed me out as not quite an actual beginner. Which is very very true. I did some ball room in the first year of uni, and it's so much fun to be dancing again. I just kind of forget and I move and it's lovely. I'm going to start swing dancing in January as my Christmas present to myself. I just love to move. I want to get my mum to buy me some ballroom shoes for Christmas so I can be really pro at this!

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