Thursday, November 06, 2008

NaBloPoMo 6: Manon

I was a very good girl today. I got up and went swimming for 20 mins before work. It’s great when I do this as I actually manage to be awake by the time I get to work.

Work was worky, but I spent the whole day looking forward to the ballet. Last week Amy and I went to see Sleeping Beauty performed by the ENB at the Mayflower. We loved it so much, we got tickets for Manon this week along with Tom, Martin, Su and Nick. Manon is quite a sexy dramatic ballet about a courtesan who is sold to a rich old man, but is in love with a penniless student. Lots of lust, greed and crimes of passion.

The two leads were danced by Agnes Oakes and Thomas Edur. It was interesting actually seeing their faces as whilst I’ve seen them dance before, last night Nick had bought his high powered binoculars. I could see very pretty hand gesture, every longing look. Edur is amazing, so expressive and very good looking too!

I also really enjoyed some of the more modern choreography used throughout. There were some really interesting lifts with dancers sliding along the floor under each others legs, and at one point Oakes whilst being lifted above Edur’s head was flipped over by another dancer pulling her lower leg over her head. There was some very contemporary style choreography in the last act where the two lover’s had been deported to New Orleans. The corps were mainly other criminal who danced a very touching despairing loose limbed number.

Roll on the next ballet!

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