Sunday, November 09, 2008

NaBloPoMo 8 and 9: Slipping

Ahh the great slip begins.

Yesterday was so busy I didn't get a chance to write. to make up for this there is going to be lots of pictures to make up for it.

It began with a morning at Thirza's hairdressing and chatting away. I love our weekly regular catch up. I also went through which fabric I wanted from Fabricland as she was placing an order with them. I have some black and white check coming for Amy as I'm going to make her a dress, some cream cotton and some of the butterfly cotton that lines my birthday dress to make a duvet cover set for my bed and some bottle green fabric to make a big circle skirt for myself.

After that I came home on lunched chatting away to Charley and my housemates. Charley's parents own the house we rent and Charley used to live here when she was at university. It was interesting seeing her reaction to how we've changed the place about a bit. It was Yoga for the first time later that afternoon.

I found the chanting at the beginning and the end of the class a bit odd and the way the teacher was quite hands on with correcting you was a bit unnerving. However it was just so relaxing. I came away feeling on top of the world. A great setup for the evening. I got myself ready for the 1940s dance in my birthday dress, my laddered seam stockings and did my hair up in big rolls. But before we could go to the dance we had to go to a fireworkd party at my auntie and uncles. 

We got a bit lost going to Hythe as I assumed Tom knew how to get to Hythe and he assumed I knew where I was going. I got bit het up about it all, as I'm crap with directions and couldn't dicipher the ones given by my uncle when we rang for help. We did get there in the end and the fireworks were very nice. We scarfed down our chilli and drove through the pouring rain to the dance. It was at this point I decided with Tom that when faced with more than one social opportunity it's best to pick one. 

The dance was great. Whilst we'd missed the wartime tea, we arrived in time for the free ballroom dance. Everyone else had been taught a simplified version of the social foxtrot Tom and I have been learning at ballroom classes.  So we had a bash at that, and later on in the night we  were taught some swing dancing. It was all rather fun. There was a fab big band and singers. 

Toms and I rounded up the evening with fruit salad and elderflower presse. All in all a really nice day.

Today I have been being a Godmother to Harvey Brian Snook, the baby son of my dear friends Ruth and James. Lots of university people came to the christening so it was a bit of reunion, and as my mum and Ruth hit it off when they came down for a craft weekend, my family were there too. It was a nice baptism, in the middle of the Remeberence Sunday service. Lots of nice jingoistic hymns that everyone knew the words to, and a full church. Ruth had organised a bring and share lunch after so we add had a good chat over sandwiches quiche and cake. It wouldn't be a church event without quiche. Ruth looked positively radiant in a lovely purple and grey outfit, every inch the charming young mother. Harvey's christening gown was a family heirloom, and he seemed fairly content wearing a dress. I'm just about to eat my slice of Christening cake now, before going off to the gym to work it off.

Now here's some pictures:

These two are by Peter

Then these are some pictures from the Christening. 

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